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Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a bit of a long road to get to this point- in fact, I thought that this particular project would have to get utterly abandoned a while back. However, things got back on track, and now that it's nearing the final stages of completion, I figured it was high time to share something with the lot of you.

Many of you may remember a while back when I posted links and images from my original project, the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Well, after quite a bit of work in compiling, writing new text, adding in more material, more material, and more material... I've finally hit the final stages of what should be the last big spin-off project from that work.


Yes. It's a guidebook to the deck. What's inside?

The history of the Deck, including it's time at the Ravenswood Institute

Divinations and correspondences for all the cards of the original Deck.

All of the original Deck artwork

A full method for using the cards as a fortune-telling tool.

And more beyond that as well, including a solitaire variation, among other things. The finished book should be weighing in around 180 pages in black and white. In fact, here- have a sample page:

As things currently stand, we'll be shipping out copies of the book in late July or early August. In the meantime, though, you can preorder a copy for yourself right now- and at a price that should be a couple of dollars cheaper than the final retail price. Just follow this link right here for the preorder page.

On that note, thanks for reading this far, and please, feel free to chime in with any questions or comments you've got at this point.



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