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Hi all, it's Friday question time!

Today's Friday question goes out in celebration of DW's Open Beta! Open Beta is a time of exploration, and the frontier. Making the social space into what we want it to be.

So what do you want your social space to be? How do you integrate the exploratory aspect of Steampunk into your life, or into your use of online spaces? You don't have to be specifically steamy here, I'm just discussing the spirit of exploration and adventure!

(PS - Sometime this week, I'll be making a permanent link type entry with a poll or some such for you to suggest Friday Questions!)
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Alright, this week's Friday Question is a little selfish, but I've watched all my DVDs so...

What's your favorite Steampunk media work? It can be a book, a CD, a DVD or something else! Tell us a little bit about it! Maybe you'll make a connection with someone else who loves your obscure theremin recordings...or maybe you'll find something you never heard of and want to check out!

(As always, answers in the comments please!)
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I'm going to try to remember to do one of these every Friday, since I like weekly things! I'm going to toss out a question which people may (or may not, if my questions suck ;) ) wish to discuss!

This week's question: What is "steampunk" to you?

(My answer in the comments when I get home from work.)


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