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Ladies, Gentlemen, Miscreants, Rogues, Zombies, and other assorted members of this fine company, let me first begin by thanking the lot of you for your patronage in the past.

That said, just wanted to give you all a quick bump to let you know that Tormented Artifacts, home to such steamy creations as the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck has now undergone a massive facelift, rebuild, and update on a bunch of our stock.

First off, we've changed some of our policie, such as our shipping charges, which make ordering outside of the US even cheaper than it was before. We've also upgraded our schedule of events so you can see where we'll be at this year. But, that's not why you came behind this cut, is it? No, you want to see pictures. So let's have some pictures!

First, there's our new Accessories section, which includes items like these:

Then, there's the Prints section, which features some of the best wall art we have available:

There's also our Artifacts section, featuring my one-of-a-kind pieces:

And there's always our ever popular Masks section (no, not a ton of steamy designs there, but what else are your intrepid adventurers going to wear when the have to infiltrate the Masquerade Ball being held by the King of All Tears?)

Anyways, for those of you who've made it this far, thank you- after all the support the community's shown for some of our stuff over the last few years, I figure I should at least be good about keeping you updated when we do a major changeover on things. So, thanks again!


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