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Ladies, Not-so-gentle-men, assorted Others, thugs, henches, and Things, I crave your attention!

Some of you may remember a certain post made eleven months ago. A post in which we invited those of you of villainous intent to join us, to share your tales of dastardly deeds, and to take part in a network that would allow news of your villainous deeds to spread far and wide.

During the intervening months, I'll admit, I haven't been idle- from designing and implementing a nefarious plan to spread about my soul-stealing deck of cards, to spreading propaganda, and even re-establishing the League itself as one of the more pre-eminent societies for up-and-coming villains. And during all that, I would occasionally check in on my carefully selected carrier-pigeon drop points, email inboxes, and spies, to see if any others had joined the League. Or at least spread word of their own dastardly deeds.

I think it shall surprise none of you to find out that I found, after eleven months of long waiting... nothing. No replies, no stories, no cities razed, no heroes slaughtered. Nothing. It is the Year of the Villain, and we have been asleep at the switch, my compatriots!

Thus, my friends, time for a bit of a challenge. Something to get the bit back in your teeth and the blood under your fingernails.

In just two weeks, we shall see the start of Steamcon II. Villainous villains, we strongly urge you, if you're attending, to show in your finest, and if necessary, to locate the nearest League of Extraordinary Bastards outpost at the con to register and receive further information when available. And of course, to commit any heinous acts you see fit within the constraints of being in a public convention (remember, do nothing to actively cause grief for one of the few meeting places such folk as us have!) In the meantime, I strongly urge those of you interested in the League, or in proving me wrong about the distinct lack of villainy this year, to post away and regale us with your cunning plans and activities! Or to support the League, should you feel the need to do so.

This message sponsored by the L.X.B. and is in no way, shape, or form meant to act as a method of recruitment, advertisement, or plea for your support. If you want to know more about the League, please find and ask your local red-cog cell member.


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